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Eye Drops Lion Smile 40 Premium

Japanese refreshing eyes for eyes with taurin and chondroitin. The composition contains 10 active ingredients and are positioned by the Japanese company Lion as premium. With their production, the newest and patented technology is used which allows you to bring the concentration of vitamin A to 35,000 units! At the same time, aminocaproic acid (epsilon) was added with vasculating activity, reduces the permeability of capillaries, possesses antiallergic activity. As a prophylactic action of Smile 40 Premium, it will avoid multiple chronic diseases and violations caused by both external and internal factors, they perfectly moisturize the eyes for a long period, get rid of the "dry eyes" syndrome, relieves itching and rubbing the focus, Restoring the work of the eye muscles.

Composition: Vitamin A - Retinol Palmitate 35,000 Used Natural Vitamin E D-α-tocopherol 0.05 g. Vitamin B6 - pyridoxine hydrochloride 0.03 g. Chondroitin sodium sulfate 0.05 G. Taurine 0.1 g. L-Asparaginic acid - Aspartate 0.2 g. Neostigmin methyl sulfate - prozerne 0.005 g. Chloropheniramine Melth 0.03 g. Tetrahydrosoline hydrochloride 0.01. Amineokapronic acid Epsilon 1.0

Recommended for use:

- eyelid inflammation (blufarite),

- for the prevention of eye diseases and aging eyes,

- irritation from external factors, seaside water and sweat in the eyes, sunlight, with snowy blindness.

- treatment of inflammation of various infections caused by the impact

- redness of the eyes (conjunctival hyperemia),

- itching and discomfort (in the eyes),

- Nonconslances (closure) of view during loads (long-term seat at a computer, TV, book, when driving driving, for office staff, etc.)

- discomfort when wearing hard contact lenses, apply after removal of lenses.

Method of application: 1 - 2 drops, from 3 to 6 times a day.

Freshness index 4.

Volume: 15 ml.

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