Meiji, Savas Weight Up is a protein complex for a set of muscle mass, with banana flavor, 60 servings.

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Complex of proteins for a set of muscular mass of Savas Weight Up with banana flavor.

Contains 100% serum protein and maltodextrin - a quick carbohydrate to replenish the body's energy, as well as 11 types of vitamins, 3 types of minerals, such as iron, calcium, magnesium. Taking protein kopleks 2 times a day (42 grams), you fill the desired content of vitamins and minerals per day that are necessary athletes gaining weight.

A single dose of complex (21 grams of powder) has the following composition: Nutritional value 77 kcal, proteins 3.9 g (20% of total mass), Fats 0.4 g, Carbohydrates 14.9 g (including maltodextrin 12.6 g), salt 76 mg, calcium 147 mg, iron 6.7 mg, magnesium 152 mg, vitamin A 17 μg, vitamin D 1 μg, vitamin E 1.3 mg, vitamin B1 2 mg, vitamin B2 1.2 mg, niacin 3.9 mg, vitamin B6 0.5 mg, folic acid 32 μg, Vitamin B12 0.67 μg, pantothenic acid 0.76 mg, vitamin C 74 mg.

A method of use: 3 spoons (21 grams) powder mix with 300 grams of water or milk and shake well, preferably in a special glass-shaker.

Take 2 times a day.

Recommended reception time - for breakfast, after training, or in 1 hour before bedtime.

Not recommended pregnant and nursing.

Packing 1260 grams.

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