Shiseido AQUALABEL RED Super Moisture Lotion RR

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Supervising lotion for dry and normal skin

Beautiful moisturizing lotion with a light lifting effect. Suitable as an independent leaving agent or paired with cream. Also excellent use it once a week as impregnation for fabric masks.

As part of a great glycerin humidifier, which is a conductor of water in the skin, 2 types of hyaluronic acid, which will help water in the skin to retain, as well as two types of collagen, to support collagen frame.

Also, all AQUALABEL's red line means contain apricot juice, which is used in cosmetology for nutrition and humidification of skin and milk acid to improve the elasticity and color of the skin.

Aqualabel RR contains vitamin E (tocopherol) with an antioxidant effect.

With a light gentle aroma of fresh roses.


Volume 200 ml.

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