Scalp Brush - Massage Regenerating Comb

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Massage restoring mass maker.

Golden color.

Dimensions: 196 × 45 × 40 mm. Weight - 90 grams.

Majestic comb was created by Japanese scientists to improve hair growth and head health. 376 teeth give a tangible pleasant head massage - much more pleasant than from ordinary calculation. The cloves are made of flexible wear-resistant nylon - they are not formed by microcracks, and it does not drupt hair when combing. The calculation will serve at times longer than ordinary calculations. Like children who do not like to leave. Japanese carbus Majestic has a different elasticity of teeth. Brown - tougher, transparent - softer. The first is cleared about 10 thousand pores on the scalp. So the hair roots are obtained more oxygen. The second stimulates every muscle lifting hair, strengthen blood flow to the hair lows. Due to this, hair becomes heavier, their growth increases and natural volume appears. Teeth 2x height levels. Long - remove the surplus of the skin, preventing from dandruff. Short - reinforce the massage effect of the Majestik. With its unique properties, the Japanese comb restores the activity of hair roots, which contributes to their growth. The hair loss stops.

Used both for styling hair, and for washing the head. Dirty closed pores lead to hair loss, dandruff and loss of volume. When washing the head with the calculation - all the pores are cleaned of contamination, which cannot be achieved with fingers.

How to wash the head of the calculation?

1. Excrete the head of the calculation.

2. Wash the head shampoo.

3.Rece the head in the following directions: in front of the painter, on the side of the top and from the nape to the top of the top. If the hair is thick, divide them into the sections, it is important that the calculation touches the scalp.

4. Rock shampoo with hair, as usual.

5. Apply the air conditioner and with the help of the calculation evenly distribute it through the hair.

6. Use the discourse for the final rinsing and when laying.

The calculation will also perfectly cope with static electricity if you rinse it with clean water.

To achieve excellent results, always use the discourseMajestic for washing the head.
True shine and beauty of hair starts with clean and healthy scalp!

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