Spa Treatment Face Care Set

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Complete four-step outdoor care. Innovative cosmetics with stem cells for anti-aging care.
The set includes:

1. Lotion 120 ml.

2. Serum 15 ml.


Eye cream 10 g.

4. Face cream 30 g.

The rejuvenating lotion with stem cell extract is a new addition to the SPA Treatment series.

Contains active ingredients to moisturize the skin, making it smooth and radiant:

- Hyaluronic acid

 - Placenta extract

- Hydrolyzed collagen

- Water-soluble collagen

- Hydrolyzed elastin
- Ceramides

The cream contains such a rare ingredient as Meadowfoam seed oil - it forms a thin veil on the skin, allowing it to retain moisture for a long time and protect the skin from ultraviolet radiation.

HAS component - multiple selected, filtered and cultured stem cells. Also contains about 150 growth factors, including EGF (epithelial growth factor), FGF (fibroblast growth factor), HGF (stem cell growth factor), PDGF, KGF (keratin cell growth factor), VEGF (vascular endothelial cell growth factor)

Common ingredients in the series:

Homeo Age - activates skin that has stopped responding to growth factors due to aging, and restores youth. It is a collection of nutrients containing more than 60 types of minerals, 12 vitamins, a large amount of carbohydrates and amino acids.

Reforsil - gives the skin the ability to produce ceramides. It is produced from plants such as gynostemma five-leafed (or the herb of immortality) and the fruits of the cistus. Strengthens the barrier function of the epidermis, suppresses moisture evaporation, smoothes the skin texture.

Beta glucan is more effective than hyaluronic acid. Has excellent permeability, penetrates deep into the stratum corneum, retains moisture in the skin. Reduces skin damage caused by UV radiation. Gives the skin firmness and shine.

Three anti-aging ingredients:

 - grapevine extract - has an antioxidant effect, protects the skin from aging.

- artichoke leaf extract - contains vitamin C and coffee, helps to remove age spots and improves skin elasticity.

- soybean seed extract - contains ingredients such as isoflavone and saponin. It has a hormonal effect on the female body, gives youth to the skin.


How to use: Apply a small amount of lotion to the skin, then serum, eye cream and face cream.

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