Virus Ion De Block - Ion Blocator of Viruses and Allergens, 50 ml

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Virus Kafun Ion De Block is a Japanese blocker of viruses and allergens in the form of a spray. Simply spray the remedy on the face and the cationic polymer (plus ions) will cover a thin protective veil, which repels and adsorb viruses, PM2.5 pollution particles and yellow sand, preventing them from entering eyes, nose and mouth.

Composition and features of the product:

  • Positively charged polymer. Creates on the surface of the face the finest veil, which does not allow allergens and viruses to remain on the skin.
  • Contains sodium hyaluronate, moisturizing ingredient, which is useful for your skin. Hyaluronic acid moisturizes the skin and protects it from dryness.
  • Spray is absolutely safe. It can be used both adults and children. Also, pregnant women can also use.
  • One bottle is enough for 160 spraying.
  • It can be applied over makeup. Gulp spray that can be easily used. Your hands do not get dirty, and you do not have to worry about violation of makeup.
  • Does not contain alcohol. It can be used for alcohol sensitive people and children.
  • The drug is produced in a small bottle, so it is easy to carry it with you and take in travel.

Composition: water, hyaluronic acid, polymer of positively charged ions.

Mode of application:

  • Before using the bottle, you must shake, then spray on the face at a distance of 20 cm. There are enough two presses. If you feel excessive moisture on the skin, it can be uniformly distributed and wait for drying.
  • Before spraying, be sure to close the eyes to eliminate the ingress of the drugs on the mucous membranes.
  • After applying the virus blocker operates for 4 hours, providing you with reliable protection against pathogenic microflora.
  • On a day it is recommended to spray the drug not more than 3-5 times.


  • The product does not guarantee a full 100% protection against viruses, PM2.5 and yellow sand.
  • Some effects may not be achieved depending on the terms of use. For example, when spray is uneven, or the amount of viruses, PM25 contaminants is excessive.
  • We could not confirm the protection against microparticles of less than 0.3 microns.
  • In combination with the use of this product, more effectively take action, such as washing hands, rinse the throat and the use of the mask.
  • The drug is not a drug.

Volume 50 ml (approximately 160 use).

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