Basic provisions

  • Orders are accepted for a total of 4000 yen (excluding delivery costs).

  • Our store is prepayed, since the mail does not provide the cash on delivery service for international departures.

  • After sending the goods, we will definitely send photos of the parcel and tracking number. You can always find out where your parcel is at the moment along the tracking number.
  • For all questions you can always contact us by writing to the post


Payment methods

  • Payment by bank cards. Visa, MasterCard, JCB, American Express cards are accepted for payment. Commission for transferring funds we take on yourself.
  • Payment through the international paypal payment system. Commission for transferring funds we take on yourself. Through the PayPal system, the buyer can make payment by credit cards, debit cards, translating from its account in safe mode. To pay for the order you need to have a score or register in the PayPal system: registration in the PayPal system is quite simple, free and takes 2-3 minutes. After registering it, you can use this system for further online shopping. Personal data and financial information of the buyer are reliably protected by the PayPal system recognized as a leader in online payments. We accept payment in Japanese yen. If the buyer's invoice in another currency, PayPal automatically converts the amount of the order to it in the inner course.
  • You can also pay for ApplePay, Google Pay or Shop Pay methods.


Processing and ordering

On the fact of a successful payment, your order is automatically sent to the processing. Most orders are sent to the buyer within 2-6 business days after receipt of payment. We are notifying the buyer with a letter with the parcel tracking number.


We send orders to anywhere in the world. Delivery of parcels are carried out in several ways.

  • Express EMS EXPRESS Mail Service (International Express Mail Service). The EMS service delivers in the fastest time and allows you to track the location of the parcel. Delivery time to European countries 4-7 days. Immediately after sending the order, we send your tracking number by email. We insure all EMS parcels at our expense. The maximum weight of one shipment is 10 kg, including packaging. If you want to make an order weighing more than 10 kg, contact us.

  • Delivery by sea and ground. This type of delivery acts as follows: from Japan we ship by the sea, and within your country the parcel is delivered by ground mail. Delivery time: in Europe countries about 2-3 months. This is not courier delivery, and on the arrival of notice the parcel will need to be taken in your post office. You can choose and calculate the shipping cost, you can during the order, after putting the goods to the basket and filled the field for the delivery address.
    In connection with quarantine measures for the time of the pandemic, the delivery time may increase.

  • Express delivery for Russia with a combined way: shipping by the sea Plus aircraft service. Specifies for the period until the aircraft opened to Russia. This is the fastest delivery to Russia at the moment (delivery time from three weeks)

In the case of force majeure (for example, natural disasters), an increase in the delivery time for an indefinite time is possible. In this case, the buyer may make cancellation cancellation only in general, money does not return to the buyer.


Customs clearance

When orders are sent, we make them properly to minimize the need to pass customs procedures for our customers. However, we cannot completely eliminate the possibility of their occurrence in some cases. If order detention, the Customer is fully responsible for the duties and rules of the Customs Department of their stay. When returning the order due to the fault of the customer (the unwillingness of the parcel, the failure to appear on the customs in case of necessity, etc.), the responsibility for paying fines and the cost of reverse shipment falls on the customer. If you have wishes about the design, please let us know when placing an order or immediately after payment.


Cancellation of the order and return

After the order is paid and shipped, 50 percent of the paid amount is returned in case of cancellation of the order.

After the order is sent to the Buyer, the cancellation cancellation is not accepted, the refund is not carried out.

Products are taken to return if the error occurred in our fault (only on the goods that was sent by mistake). The full cost of returned products and the shipping cost will be returned to the buyer's account, or we will exchange goods by mutual agreement.


Force Majeure

In the case of force majeure (for example, natural disasters), an increase in the delivery time for an indefinite time is possible. In this case, the buyer may make cancellation cancellation only in general, money does not return to the buyer.


Product description

Manufacturers often change packaging, appearance and description of products. We try to transmit information to the most accurately, but with any discrepancy between the data on our website and the manufacturer's website, the manufacturer's site is considered correct. Information published on our website is not a diagnosis of diseases. The buyer decides on the use of products independently. If necessary, before applying funds, we recommend to apply for advice to your doctor.



The goods warranty are not provided. If the goods acquired in our store broke, the following procedure is possible:

  1. You send us a product.
  2. We ship the goods to the manufacturer.
  3. The manufacturer checks the breakdown. If repair is possible, repairs the goods.
  4. We ship goods to you.

Sometimes additional costs are required for the exchange procedure.

All costs for shipping and repairing goods pays the buyer.

We ask before sending the goods first contact us to discuss the details.

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