Dear friends, really wait for your feedback on our store Tsujimoto Market and our products.
Huge request to make feedback in the following order:
1.  Feedback on the page on the site of our store.
2. Feedback and photos in your Facebook tape (with reference to our store) or instagram (please put the #tsujimotomarket tag)
It doesn't matter when you bought cosmetics with us, six months or 5 years ago, or did not buy, but received as a gift if you have something to say, really wait for feedback!
For each review in the next order, we will put a special gift.
When placing an order in the comments, please indicate that you have done a review, and we will put you in the package a special gift.

You can choose any of the gifts:
1. Vitamin Eye Drops Plus Probe Medical Hand Cream.
2. Sunscreen MilkPlus the probe of medical hand cream.

We are waiting for your feedback!

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