ASAHI PREMIER RICH - low molecular weight premium collagen with additives for skin rejuvenation, complex for 30 days

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ASAHI PREMIER RICH is a premium version of Asahi collagen, a complex of 16 active elements for skin rejuvenation and joints.

By the aggregate of their consumer qualities, Collagen Asahi Premier Rich exceeds most of the premium collagen in the Japanese and global market. The basis of the complex isHigh-quality pork collagen peptides.

Asahi Prime Rich also contains nanoclagen - collagen with an extremely low molecular weight, capable of penetrating into the deepest layers of tissues. The daily dose contains 5,500 mg of collagen, which is a record for complexes of this class.

Collagen provides skin elasticity, strength, smoothness, elasticity. With age, its synthesis in the body decreases, which leads to the formation of wrinkles, leather decrees.

Hyaluronic acid is the main component of the extracellular substance of the dermis. Possessing a huge water-being, hyaluronic acid supports the elasticity, elasticity and smoothness of the skin, allowing you to "rejuvenate" and keep the skin in good condition for a long time. Hyaluronic acid acts as a molecular sponge. This quality gives the skin youth, elasticity and reduces the appearance of wrinkles.

Coenzyme Q10 is the main component of anti-aging cosmetics, for beauty, health, energy and vitality. It accelerates skin regeneration and provides you with energy, has antioxidant activity.

Cerames - normalize skin update processes, protect against ultraviolet, eliminate wrinkles, prevent the loss of leather fluid.
Placenta extract. The components of the placenta extract are capable of keeping moisture in cells, as well as prevent skin flabbiness and forming spots on it.

Swallow nest improves the overall skin, smoothes wrinkles and prevents the appearance of new, ensures the effect of lifting, gives the skin extraordinary radiance, stimulates the process of tissue regeneration.

Music milk. The proteins of the beeteric milk are deeply penetrated into the skin, instantly moisturizing it, patted with vitamins. They stimulate cell regeneration and strengthen the protective function of the skin. This product of the bees restores the subcutaneous tissue, contributing to the elimination of small wrinkles.

In addition, the biodowder contains vitamin C, glucosamine, 4 vegetable extract (chamomile, hauttynia heart-shaped, hawthorn, grape leaves), lactobacilli, and alpine extract Cerumbet.

A method of use: 7.5 g per day. Dissolve in a small number of your favorite drink.

The complex is designed for 30 days.


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Очень хороший коллаген

Для меня- необходимый продукт. Учитывая неюношеский возраст, ожидать эффект подтяжки на лице не приходится)))), но колени перестали хрустеть. Да и в целом, вкусный и приятный.

Отличный коллаген и очень порядочный продавец

Японский коллаген считается самым эффективным, за счёт низкой молекулярной массе и лучшему проникновению в клетки организма, поэтому выбрала его. Плюс ко всему здесь ещё добавлены другие витамины и микроэлементы. Кожа у меня стала лучше и заметила, перестали болеть колени. Раньше было после занятия спортом периодически болел суставы коленей. Сейчас такого нет.
Ещё хочу добавить про саму Наталью. Всегда на связи. Если есть какие-то вопросы - быстро реагирует и отвечает. Очень отзывчивая и искренняя, это очень подкупает и добавляет доверия самому магазину. Ведь сервис сейчас намного важнее самой продажи.