Bath Roman Premium Moist - Bath Salt for Skin Moisturizing, 600 g.

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Bath Salt Bath Roman Premium Maximum Moisturizing.

The placenta extract, hyaluronic acid, shea oil, milk protein, silk powder, uterine milk, ceramides, collagen, petal oil, potassium glycyrrrice, potassium oil can be added to the bath salt. All useful substances penetrate the skin, making it more beautiful and young. Intensively feed and moisturize the skin, smoothed wrinkles and slow down the aging processes, make the skin more elastic and elastic.

The bath salt will not only allow you to relax after the working day, but also help to keep health, make the skin velvety and elastic after the first application.

This SPA product premium product is released in honor of the 50th anniversary of the release of this brand to the Japanese market.

Packaging is designed for 20 procedures.
Weight: 600 g

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