BCL Esthetic SOAP - Soap with the effect of peeling, with ana acids, 100 g

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Soap gently exfoliates and updates the top layer of the skin, reduces inflammation, cleans and narrows the pores, makes skin lighter and softer.

Contains AHA fruit acids and salicylic acid.

Ana (alpha hydroxic acid), which are contained in malicious and wicked acid, as well as extracts of orange, apple, have the ability to dissolve substances in the skin, fastening the orified cells, and thereby contribute to the exfoliation of the horn layer and stimulate the update of the epidermis. The regular application of cosmetics with AHA launches the renewal processes deeply lying cells, due to which the smoothing of small wrinkles and clarification of pigmentation occurs, the skin becomes more elastic and elastic, better holds moisture.

Weight: 100 g

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