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Moisturizing Bio Lotion for Bionist Bio Skin Care Lotion.

A novelty "Biological" cosmetics - Bionist Bio Skin Care Lotion lotion - a means for skin care with derivatives of human lactobacterium (compared to analogs, including lactobacterium of plant origin). The lotion of a completely new type, in contrast to other means, contributes to the intensification of the work of its own "beauty bacteria" of the skin, helping the skin to produce the necessary moisturizers. The impact on the "beauty bacteria" is a new word in cosmetology and the sphere of professional leaving cosmetics.

It is believed that the natural beauty of the skin directly depends on the balance of special "bacteria of beauty". What is meant by this title? "Bacteria of beauty" are useful bacteria on the surface of the skin (epidermal stafilococcus). Moisturizing substances (for example, glycerin) produced by these bacteria, thanks to natural moisturizers, help to protect the skin from loss of moisture, provide it with elasticity and natural beauty, strengthen protective functions, and improve the barrier functions of the skin responsible for the preservation of youth prevent the appearance of imperfections.

The effectiveness of bio-cosmetics. Each person since the very moment of birth is surrounded by the smallest living organisms and substances. Bacteria and microorganisms living on the surface of human skin make a significant contribution to its beauty and health. Biological cosmetics for skin care of Bionist contributes to the development of natural moisturizing substances in the field of useful bacteria living on the surface of the skin, affects the "beauty bacteria", helping to maintain a healthy skin condition. Thanks to this feature, BIONIST effectively protects the natural beauty and health of the skin from the effects of time and external factors. With age, the number of "bacteria of beauty" is steadily reduced. Bio-lotion "Bionist Bio Skin Care Lotion" will allow you to re-fill the skin with the necessary moisture, give tenderness and softness. Ordinary lotions only apply moisturizing components to the skin surface. In contrast, bio-lotion from BIONIST activates the work of its own "beauty bacteria", contributing to the moistening of the skin and improve its condition.

Mode of application:

Lotion should be applied to the skin cleaned skin. Take the required amount of funds, neat grain movements of the palms of both hands, apply on the skin to the complete absorption.

Composition: water, butylene glycol, glycerin, nutrient medium lactobacilli, nutrient medium of bifidobacteria, kefir lactobacteria, lactic acid fermented broth, sodium hyaluronate, garnet extract, soy seed extract, cucumber extract, rose oil, citric acid, etc.

Volume: 100 ml.

Manufacturer: Bionist.

Manufacturer Country: Japan.

The goods are delivered directly from the domestic market of Japan.

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