Blood Pressure Balance Sapliment (30 Days)

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Bioduding for pressure normalization (complex for 30 days)

Effective drug for normalization of blood pressure contains seven main natural components: red rice, hormone extract, sesame, pumpkin, muscle extract, banaba extract, sardine peptide.

DHC pressure stabilizer reduces cholesterol levels normalizes blood pressure, stimulates metabolism improves blood circulation, promotes digestion, normalizes the work of the spleen

Composition: Pumpkin extract - 3 mg., Red rice extract - 180 mg, Momaindic extract - 90 mg, Havy extract - 45 mg, Gamma-aminobalic acid - 30 mg, Banaba extract - 3 mg, sesame peptide - 180 mg, Sardine peptide - 90 mg.

Method of application: 3 tablets in the morning, day and before bedtime.

Contraindications: Individual intolerance.

Not a drug. Before use, consult your doctor.

Packaging for 30 days.

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