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Moisturizing massage cream from stretch marks during pregnancy 250 g.

As you know, during pregnancy under the influence of hormones, the skin becomes prone to dryness. In addition, due to the stretching of the skin on the abdomen, hips and chest, numerous stretch marks appear.

The cream of the Japanese company Pigeon, designed specifically for pregnant women, is struggling with all the above problems at the expense of their moisturizing properties.

The cream includes shea oil, which contains a huge number of tocopherols, which is so important for the skin, especially during pregnancy. Also, the cream contains three types of hyaluronic acid, which is known to have a strong moisturizing effect, and two types of collagen, panthenol and mint extract.

The cream does not contain dyes, without flavors, parabens.

The cream is very light in its texture, despite the large amount of hyaluronic acid, absolutely not sticky.

Pigeon is one of the leading firms in the Japan market, which specializes in various products for mothers and children. Japanese mothers love and trust the goods of this manufacturer.

Method of application: With the help of a dispenser, remove the required amount of cream, apply to problem areas of the body and make a massage.

You can also apply cream to complete people, prone to stretching on the skin.

Storage method: Store in a dry cool place. Avoid direct sunlight.

Manufacturer: Pigeon, Japan.

Weight: 250gr

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