Super Brewer's Yeast and 11 Vitamin Supliments (44 Days)

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Beer yeast with 11 types of vitamins and minerals (660 pellets for 44 days)

Food additive from natural components, based on beer yeast. Contains 11.Vitamins and Minerals, To increase the tone and strengthen immunity.

Improves the metabolism, helps with constipation, stimulates weight loss, improves skin condition.

Beer yeast is a source of natural proteins and vitamins. The protein contained in them is distinguished by high digestibility. Huge value gives it an indispensable amino acids, which are contained in yeast protein. Due to the large number of valuable nutrients, beer yeast is widely used as an effective means that promotes the resilience of the body of infection, an increase in tone, improve overall well-being, performance, strengthening immunity and resistance to overwork and stress.

Beer yeast improves the absorption of food, improve the motorcy, secretion of the pancreas, increase appetite, contribute to the removal of toxic substances from the body, improve the condition of the hair (hair is beginning to grow faster and strengthened). Skin covers function well under the action of components of beer yeast.

When injuries and cuts, fast tissue regeneration occurs. For skin, beer yeast is real pantry beneficial substances that contribute to the elimination of many skin problems. Beer yeast are considered a biologically active additive that replenishes the shortage of vitamins of group V.

The composition of the biodendage includes 11 vitamins and minerals: Vitamins B1, B2, B6, B12, Vitamin C,vitamin Evitamin A,Vitamin D,Folic acid, nocine, pantothenic acid, iron, chrome, selenium, calcium.

Method of application: 15 tablets, during the day, after eating.

Not a drug.

Made in Japan.

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