Cisvitaol - Vitamin Complex against Pigmentation, for 35 days

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Complex to eliminate and prevent skin pigmentation (35 days)
L-cysteine, vitamin C and vitamin E in the complex suppress melanin growth, which prevents the appearance of freckles and pigment spots.
Vitamin C makes lighter and more accurately formed by pigment stains. Tablets help get rid of pigment spots from the inside. Thanks to the correctly selected composition, you can really solve the problem of unpleasant manifestations on the skin - like pigment stains.
L-cysteine ​​interacts with vitamin C and vitamin E, fights directly with the causes of stains and freckles. The formation of melanin is suppressed. There is a further promotion of skin metabolism, promoting the release of melanin, pushing it to the surface of the skin and removal. Reduced pigmentation caused by solar burns.
Indications for use in the following symptoms: spots, freckles, pigmentation due to sunburn / rash. Preventing bleeding in the following cases: bleeding from gums, bleeding from the nose.
Take 2 tablets 2 times a day, in the morning and evening.
Packing 120 tablets.
Composition in the daily rate (6 tablets): Vitamin C 1000 mg L-cysteine ​​240 mg Vitamin E 50 mg Vitamin B2 6 mg Vitamin B6 12 mg

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