ROSETTE CLEANSING PASTA - Cleansing foam for normal skin, 90 g

RosetteSKU: 1310331

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For normal skin.

Contains moisturizing components.

The consistency of the foam is dense, creamy. The smell of Onsen's smell at the expense of sulfur. Quite a small amount to wash the whole face. Wonderfully flushes cosmetics. After washing, your face will become smooth. If there are some acne, the foam delicately dry them, without causing the emergence of new ones.

Very economical. The jar is unusual, with a hole in the middle. It is necessary to put pressure on the plate and squeeze the necessary amount of foam.

Method of use: squeeze a small amount of foam, it is good to beat it with the help of warm water and apply on the face, then rinse with warm water.


Rosette has been 90 years old on the cosmetics market! Cleansing means of this brand occupy the first seats on sales in Japan.

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