Cleansing Water - Micellar Water, 320 ml

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Micellar water with vertical dispenser.

Delicately cleans, removes makeup and tones the skin, leaving a feeling of freshness. Thanks to moisturizing components, the skin remains unusually smooth and silky. In the morning, use to remove excess skin sebum and burned skin particles, and in the evening for complete cleansing of the face from makeup.

The vertical spray dispenser makes the cleaning process very comfortable in one touch.

It does not contain oils, alcohol, fragrances, dyes and has a low level of acidity, which is favorable for the skin. Does not forms foam and does not require watering with water after use.

How to use: Moisten cotton tampon with micellar water (3-4 clicks) and carefully remove makeup. Use cotton wheels to the moment until contamination and makeup remain on them. To remove makeup from the eye, put a cotton disk, moistened with micellar water, forever and eyelashes. Leave for 5-6 seconds for better makeup dissolution. Then gently remove the makeup with eyelashes movement from the base to the tips. For effective purification, wipe the most fat areas of the skin on the face several times.

Does not require watering water after use.

Bottle with dispenser, 320 ml.

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