DEAR-NATURA - soy isoflavonoids, complex for 30 days

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DEAR-NATURA Soy Isoflavonoids (complex for 30 days).

Soy Isoflavonoids - natural powerful antioxidants and anti-estrogens derived from plant soy. Showing to reduce the degree and intensity of "tides" - the sensation of heat in the menopausal period. It is also used as auxiliary means to increase bone strength, helps women in the period of menopause. It is especially important that with a lack of estrogen, soy isoflavonoids have a substantive effect, and in excess, on the contrary, they can inhibit the biological effects of estrogen, as if "deceiving sex hormone receptors", connecting with them instead of estrogen, thus reducing its level in the tissues. The period of sexual fuss in women is associated with a decrease in estrogen levels. This drug is longly adjusted by the aging period, significantly weakening the manifestation of the menopausal period. Flowing the level of estrogen in the body, the drug contributes to a decrease in skin darkening, prevents the calcium flushing from bone tissue, thereby preventing the development of osteoporosis. Soya isoflavonoids reduce blood cholesterol and prevent the development of atherosclerotic plaques and the formation of thromboms. Soam isoflavonoids suppress the enzymes involved in the formation of cancer cells and inhibits the growth of vessels inside the tumor.

Method of application: 1 tablet per day, at any time.

Not a drug.

Made in Japan.

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