DEAR-NATURA - Vitamin C, complex for 60 days.

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Vitamin C is one of the most important vitamins that is responsible for many factors in the body:

- There is a collagen in the synthesis, which is the basis for all connective tissues. Accordingly, improves the condition of all ligaments, cartilage, vessels and skin. In injuries, it helps to recover faster, increasing the healing rate of wounds.

-Donal vitamin is an anti-stress. For any load on the body, be it overwork, stress or even smoking - the consumption of vitamin C in the body is significantly increased.

- It increases immunity, which has been proven by multiple studies. Stimulates the production of immune cells, antibodies. Significantly reduces the duration of the disease.
- Improves sleep, increases total tone.

- Helps splitting harmful cholesterol in the blood, and a good on the contrary, protects against overlooking. Accordingly, prevents the development of atherosclerosis and improves the state of the vessels.

- Vitamin C- powerful antioxidant, which brings many toxins from blood, liver and body tissues. The more purely organism is more quickly restored and more slowly.

- Vitamin C improves the delivery of oxygen to cells, from which the saturation of the body in the primary energy increases.

- improves the efficiency of vitamin D.

- Improves the operation of folic acid, vitamin B 9. Makes relieves the absorption of iron.

- strongly reduces the risk of blood thromboms.

- Protects DNA from free radicals, blocks the arrival of nitrates from the external environment. Especially noticeable in cities with a bad environment. - reduces the likelihood of tumors.

The daily norm contains 1000 mg of vitamin C.

Also, the complex includes zinc, lactic acid bacteria, vitamin B2 and B6.

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