Detclear AHA & BHA - Powder for washing with the effect of peeling, 75 g

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Powder for washing with the effect of peeling, 75

Powder for washing with enzymes when mixing with water turns into a gentle foam, gently purifies the pores of the skin from contaminants, excess skin fat and epidermis organic cells,Stimulates the process of cell regeneration, tightens the pores.The skin will noticeably brighten, it becomes smooth, without contaminated extended pores and black points. Improves the penetration of active components of the Lotion and other facial care products.

As part of three groups of active ingredients:

Ana (alpha hydroxic acid) is part of such fruit extracts as extracts of orange, pears, blueberry and raspberry berries, lemon, apples, grapes. They are known for their cleansing, tightening and tightening pores, as well as stimulating the processes of regeneration and updating the cells of the epidermis properties.

VNA (beta-hydroxic acids) is included in the drawing from the cortex of the wreck of willow, soften the damaged layers of epidermis cells with an increased melanin content, facilitating and accelerating their removal.

Orange oil - soft cleaning component of plant origin

Composition: Corn starch, potassium Miristat, Potassium Laourat, sorbitol, potassium palmitate, potassium stearate, potassium oleate, silica dioxide, fragrance, water, papain, malic acid, wine acid, boosane oil, bg, pear extract, cyclodextrin, blueberry extract, Black Willow Core Extract, Sakharoza, Sugar Cane Extract, Salicylic Acid, Lemon Extract, Orange Extract, Sugar Male Extract, Raspberry Extract, Apple Extract, Palm Oil.

Method of application: Pour a small amount of powder to the palm, hang and apply massage movements on the face. Warm warm water.

Volume: 75 g

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