DHC Benikouji - Extract of fermented red rice to reduce cholesterol, complex for 30 days

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Fermented red rice is an effective supplement to combat excess cholesterol.

Supplement not only reduces cholesterol levels, but also favors the overall state of the health of the body.

The uniqueness of yeast rice is that it is not subjected to grinding, therefore, is preserved by its red-brown shell, which is enriched with nutrients, namely, indispensable amino acids; phosphorus and iron; iodine and potassium; magnesium and calcium; vitamins group B; vegetable fibers; Starch.

More often, all dietary supplements based on yeast rice are used to reduce the amount of cholesterol in the blood. Also, nutritional supplements with rice are actively used in cardiovascular pathology therapy, as well as a preventive tool to avoid adverse risks.

Red yeast rice is characterized by the following useful properties:
- activates the lipid exchange and withdrawal of excess from the body;

- has an antioxidant effect;

- protects cells from destructive processes;

- has an anti-studacy effect;

- prevents the development of tumor formations;

- He acts as a preventive means of heart attack, stroke and cholesterol plaques.

It is recommended to take an additive on a regular basis to prevent the risks of heart defects, restore the exchange of fats and do not progress atherosclerosis.

Complex for 30 days.

Method of application: 1 capsule per day.

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