DHC Chitosan - a complex for diet, weight loss and extinguishing of fat from the body, for 30 days

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Chitosan from DHC is a complex for diet, weight loss and elimination of fat from the body.

The popular biographic shipwitch of the Japanese manufacturer of DHC chitosan is recommended to maintain the health and prevention of many diseases. It consists of dietary fibers obtained from Korean ginseng extract and rice embryos, as well as chitosan extracted from crab shells. This agent is especially recommended for those who often use fatty, salty and smoked foods.

The drug is also useful and to those people who care about their figure and do not want to acquire extra kilograms.

DHC chitosan is an additive capable of binding fat and carbohydrate molecules in the digestive tract. The fat associated with chitosan is not absorbed and is rapidly excreted from the body. Food fibers sorbit fats, prevent their absorption and accumulation in cells and tissues, effectively enhance the intestinal peristalsis, remove food fats, slags and toxins, contribute to the normalization of intestinal microflora, ensuring the feeling of satiety.

Chitosan is an edible fiber of animal origin, obtained from chitin. In turn, chitin is an important component of crab shells. That is why people who suffer from allergies on crabs or crab products are not recommended to use natural chitosan.

Korean ginseng in the preparation has a very wide range of properties. Ginseng improves blood circulation, so after its use there may be a feeling of heat. In fact, it does not increase the temperature, it is simply blood in the whole body begins to circulate better. The use of a healing root prevents dehydration, which is one of the causes of Asian longevity. In addition, Ginseng strengthens the spleen and stomach.

It also includes rice seedlings. Biological substances that help to grow rice grains are able to reduce damage to the vessels and nerves that occurred during diabetes mellitus. The coarse structure of rice germs is useful for normalizing the operation of the digestive system. In addition, sprouts reduce blood pressure and reduce blood sugar levels.

Ingredients: Chitosan - 630 mg., Rice seedlings - 30 mg., Ginseng extract powder (80% saponin) - 60 mg.

Auxiliary substances: maltose syrup, glycerin, silicon dioxide.

The method of applying and dose of the drug DHC chitosan: 1 tablet 3 times a day, immediately after eating, drinking water, not chewing.

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