DHC Melilot - Formon Extract, From Hall and Cellulite, 60 Days Complex

DHCSKU: 91197

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The complex helps prevent the appearance of cellulite, relieves swelling and fatigue.

Thanks to the natural components in the composition, the drug acts gently, without harming the body.

The effectiveness of the drug is as follows:

1. Prevents the development of cellulite, eliminating the effect of "orange crust". This allows you to maintain skin elasticity, improving its elasticity.

2. Ensures eats, which often appear with long-term finding on the legs or with problems with fluid outflow.

3. Provides harmful feet, actively split fat deposits.

4. Improves blood outflow, preventing diseases such as varicose veins and thrombosis.

Ingredients: Flower Extract - 200mg, Gingko Extract Biloba-20 mg, Java Tea Extract - 20 mg, Red Pepper Extract - 2 mg.

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