DHC Nattokinaze - Nattokinase (soybean enzyme), complex for 30 days

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The traditional Japanese dish of Natto contains a very useful "nattokinase" enzyme, obtained in the process of fermentation of soy.

Natokinase helps:

reduce the risk of blood clots;

normalize pressure;

improve the process of oxygen intake;

reduce the viscosity of lymphs;

make bones stronger;

reduce painful sensations in the joints in diseases or during exercise;

facilitate migraine symptoms;

accelerate the process of removing slags from the body;

It helps to fight with the formation of cancer neoplasms.

Natokinase is suitable for those who suffer from hypertension, diabetes, elevated cholesterol, muscle fatigue and pain in the lower limbs, cancer. Bad effectively helps to pass a rehabilitation after a heart attack and stroke, heal wounds, improve age memory and intelligence, get rid of the numbness of legs and hands.

Increase: NATO-155 mg extract (3100 FU), onion leather extract - 10 mg, DHA - 5 mg, EPA - 0.5 mg.

Complex for 30 days.

Take one capsule per day.

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