DHC VOLUME TOP (30 days)

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Japanese VOLUME TOP biodowder from the largest manufacturer of DHC.

Healthy and beautiful hair is not only good, given by nature, but also the result of daily care. To reveal the entire genetically determined potential, the body needs to be constantly feeding with the useful substances, since only the harmony of all vitamins and trace elements contributes to good growth and healthy hair appearance.

The biocomplex from the famous Japanese manufacturer of DHC consists of 14 unique components and makes your hair more thick and healthy. The patented formula effectively protects the hair follicles, contributes to improving the condition of hair and the scalp, the appearance of a healthy hair gloss, increase their density, provides hair follicles with substances necessary for growth and development, slows hair loss contributes to the restoration of hair follicles. Ginseng strengthens hair, stops falling, helps to strengthen the natural strength and enhance the density. Sea algae improves the blood circulation of the scalp, the hair get a feed from the roots to the tips. Phycocianin (Phycocyanin), which is contained in Spiruline and is already widely used in the food and cosmetic industry in Europe, the United States and Japan, has anti-inflammatory properties. Improves the functions of the body's immune system, protects against radiation. Recent studies have shown that the phycocianine significantly suppresses the growth of cancer cells, reduces or completely eliminates the harmful effects on bone marrow cells and leukocytes after chemotherapy. Oysters extract (rich in zinc) prevents the appearance of seeds and hair loss, reduces alopecia of various genes. Topinambura extract feeds hair cover. The herbs of Chinese medicine (turquoine Japanese, Light) enhances the shine and increases the hair volume. Collagen peptide gives elasticity of hair. Pantothenic acid from ultraviolet radiation and other harmful effects. Silicon makes hair strong and durable.

Composition (in 6 tablets): Potato tuber extracts - 906 mg, Topinambur (Sunflower tubren) - 576 mg, brilliant turquish (Ligustrum Lucidum) 180 mg., Eclipte extract spread and Korean ginseng - 60 mg. 180 mg, lemon oyster - 78 mg, seaweed Vakame and laminaria - 30 mg, peptide pork liver - 18 mg, oyster extracts 18mg., Chinese 12 mg, zinc 0.6 mg, pantothenic acid 11 mg.

A method of use: 6 capsules per day, it is better to divide into two or three receptions.

Recommended course 6 months.

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