DHCSKU: DHC Millet extract

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Biologically active food additive for beauty and hair health.

Contains a native plant extract Pennisetum SIZY and Tuber Plants Puerari Mirika. It will make the hair with thick and lush, give shine and strengthen the curls. The hair suffers from the fact that we do not bear them: we are overpowering, abusing with cosmetic agents and varnishes, do not eat incorrectly, we do not respect the mode of sleep and wakefulness, nervous and much more, not counting genetic and hormonal reasons. If your hair is in poor condition: sometimes fall, fall out, have dull color and weakened, then this Japanese food supplement is for you!

Composition (in the recommended daily dose of 3 capsules): Pennisetum plant extract - 240 mg., Poultry Extract Plants Puerari Mirification - 12 mg, selenium - 12 μg, vitamin E - 60 mg., Pantothenic acid - 27.6 mg. , Vitamin B1 - 3 mg., Vitamin B6 - 3 mg., Vitamin B2 - 0.6 mg.

Method of application: 1 caps 3 times a day, after eating.

Recommended course 3-6 months.

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