Diet Shake Slim Up - dietary drinks with collagen and lactic acid bacteria (7 bags)

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Dietary drink - smoothie with collagen

Dietary drink from the famous Japanese company Asahi. Asahi company released a revolutionary dietary line in the form of natural drinks enriched with collagen, which instantly entered the top of the best-selling dietary products.

The drink contains enzymes from vegetables and fruits, 48 ​​species of such useful ingredients, like dietary fiber, lactic acid bacteria, minerals and vitamins, as well as a record number of collagen and fiber (5000 mg per pack).

One reception on the day of the drink replaces a full meal, fills the body with beauty, youth and health.

Recommended for use: to reduce weight, strengthen immunity, improve the intestinal work, to preserve the skin's youth, to replenish the deficit of vitamins and minerals.

Packaging 4 options for drinks:
- Fruit flavor

- Taste of chocolate

- The taste of the match Latte

- The taste of coffee latte.

Without adding dyes, flavors and preservatives.

Method of application: 1 bag stir in 300 ml of water and shake.

Packaging 7 pcs.

Not a drug.


Made in Japan.





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