ASAHI Slim Up - Corn Diet Soup with Collagen, 360 g

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ASAHI SLIM UP SLIM diet food products are produced on the famous Asahi plants.

Soup for calorie control, which can be used not only for a diet, but also to replenish the substances necessary for health and beauty.

Contains 46 ingredients for health and beauty, such as collagen, protein, lactic acid bacteria, amino acids, fiber, vitamins and minerals.

Designed for 6-24 applications.

Regular portion: 60 g powder dilute in hot water to your liking.

Milk protein (produced in France, produced in Denmark), soy protein, water-soluble food fibers, corn powder, peptide of pork collagen (including gelatin), low fat milk, salt, starch, chicken extract powder (including wheat), dolomite, onion extract , dry bread yeast, protein hydrolyzate (including pork), dietary oils and fats, powder extract of yeast, spices, powder sterilized lactic acid bacteria, ingredients, seasonings, amino acids, potassium citrate, potassium gluconic acid, xanthan, emulsifiers, flavors, VK, Kutinashi pigments, sweeteners (wellazing, acesulphs K, Kanzo), VE, iron pyrophosphate, pantothenic acid Ca, VA, acidifier, niacin, v.b6, v.b1, v.b2, folic acid, VD, V. B12

Not a drug.

Made in Japan.

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