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Night immentable mask, restoring the skin.

After 10 pm, the barrier functions of the skin are naturally reduced to a minimum, and at this time the skin is the most susceptible to nutritional and moisturizing care. This is the time of Repair, the restoration of damage caused by the day by ultraviolet and other stress factors of the medium. In order to gently affect the skin cells, given its natural cycle, Shiseido created this night mask.

The mask is applied on top of all evening leaving a thin layer, not washed away. The texture is a light gel with a weak floral smell, absorbed slowly, long remains on the skin with a wet layer. Does not contain mineral oil and synthetic polymers that may cause pore plugs. As part of the Corporate Collagen Peptide Shiseido, as well as a component that improves the reproduction of its own collagen in the skin is the Extract of the Baikal Slerk. This plant is traditionally used in Asian medicine and cosmetology as a rejuvenating and soothing skin.

In addition, the composition includes inositol - vitamin B8 and an extract of yeast enzyme, as well as a special form of glycerol, which forms a complex that improves the state of cell membranes. The mandarine crust extract tones the pores and prevents them with stretching.

Method of application: 2-3 times a week, as a final care stage, apply a mask on the skin in the amount indicated on the package (a drop of the siene size). Do not rub, do not wet the remains of the mask, do not wait for it to completely absorb it. Rest, and the mask will work.

Included the blade for applying a mask. Hypoallergenically.

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Manufacturer: Shiseido, Japan

Volume: 105 g

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