Eyebrow serum is a means for eyebrows, 6 ml.

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The means for eyebrows from the manufacturer Hatsumoru. This company has existed over 80 years and specializes in hair growth facilities.

The tool prevents hair loss, protects the hair onions and stimulates hair growth.

As part of the funds:

Calcium Pantothenate - regulates the penetration of nutrients in hair and skin.

Salicylic acid - enhances the penetration of active ingredients by softening keratin.

Resorcin - antibacterial effect.

Japanese drilling extract - stimulates blood circulation.

Equal chestnut extract - prevents oil flax.

Sage extract - antibacterial effect.

Linden extract - antibacterial effect.

2-metacryloiloxyethyl - hair protection from harmful effects.

Phosphorilholine · methacrylic acid - moisturizing component.

Method of application: Apply the eyebrow growth line 2 times a day, in the morning and in the evening after washing. If you use a pencil or eyebrow mascara, make makeup after complete drying.

Volume: 6 ml.

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