Megrhythm Japanese Steam Mask for Eye 12 Pieces

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Japanese Steam Mask for MEGRHYTHM (12 PCS)

Modern rhythm of life, inacrets, hard work and a large amount of time at a computer cannot but affect the state of the eyes by the end of the day. There is a voltage in the muscles, redness, dryness and even "sand", I want to remove this fatigue as quickly as possible.

The manufacturers of Japanese cosmetics understood how important it is to remove the stress from the eyes quickly, efficiently and at the same time not to grease makeup. Kao Corporation has created a steam mask that replaces the salon spa - the procedure for eye relaxation, anywhere and ever.

For 10 minutes, the mask gently envelops the eyes and the area around the eye with warmth and ferry, providing comfortable heating to a temperature of 40 ℃. It can be comparable to a spa procedure for your eyes, which will help remove daytime tension and fully relax. Mask envelops the eyes with pleasant warmth and Ferry, reaching a temperature of about 40 ℃. After the mask, you will feel that the area around the eye is moisturized. Mask is tightly adjacent to the eyes due to ultra-thin material, providing delicate heating, which will be saved for 10 minutes.

Ideal for all forms and sizes of the face. However, the mask is convenient to use and hygienic. Supplements delicate care of the delicate and sensitive area around the eyes.

It is recommended to use: during a break at work. In travel time in the train or in an airplane. And I stayed sleep. After making care of the area around the eyes.

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