Fancle Vitamin 50+ complex vitamins for women from 50 years, complex for 30 days

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A balanced complex of vitamins for women after 50 is an innovative means that corresponds to the basic needs of the human body.

As a result, every woman will receive what it is so necessary for health, beauty and conservation of youth. The older the human body becomes, the more difficult it is to resist natural processes. The skin is no longer elastic, maintain the shape and the optimal body weight becomes more difficult. Especially acute these changes are perceived by beautiful floors. Therefore, to delay and prevent unpleasant changes, and Japanese vitamins for women FANCL after 50 years have been created!

They will fill the natural deficit of individual minerals and the necessary organisms of substances, normalize the skin condition, intercellular metabolic processes, etc.

What is included in this complex?

FANCL is conscious of the creation of each of its vitamin dialing, so the Japanese FanCl vitamins after 50 years will provide you with such useful substances as: group vitamins in which the female body needs this age; Gingko biloba extract - contributes to the work of the brain, improves memory and attentiveness; Q10 - For women after 50 years, it guarantees cleaning the body and skin rejuvenation; Lutein and blueberries - use for vision; Collagen, calcium, hyaluronic acid, magnesium - everything you need for youth and slowdowns of natural aging processes.

What gives the reception of these vitamins?

You will get a lot of benefit from vitamins. With regular reception you will feel cheerful every day, improved the condition of the body as a whole, as well as the health of the joints and bones, blood and heart, skin and hair, the work of the brain and mental abilities is activated.

Packaging 30 bags.

Method of application: 1-2 bags per day. When receiving one bag on the day of the complex, enough for 30 days, when taking 2 bags per day - for 15 days.

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