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Mesh for whipping foam.

With this mesh, you can beat any cleansing agent into a thick foam. It is thick, fluffy foam deeply cleans the pores and does not dry the skin. The more foam, the better, the person should literally dip in her, while trying not to touch the face with his fingers, it works exactly. It is believed that it is a thick foam applied to the face, and not a poorly foamed remedy applied to the skin (or blurred already directly on the skin of the face), it best cleans the skin, removes contamination from the pores and narrows them. Moreover, the foam at the beginning is recommended not to massage actively, leading your fingers in the face, and not touching the face with your fingers, apply foam, massage as if on top of it. And then, gradually wasting hands, remove it from the face, again slowly, without splashing the water in the face.

How to use: take a mesh, urine it, squeeze the means for washing, blurry with circular motions, and the complete handful of fluffy foam is ready.

Also this grid is convenient to beat the Japanese acidic powder for washing, with it they turn into a gentle soft foam.

ATTENTION: The design of the mesh may differ slightly from what is in the photo.

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