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Moisturizing perfumed body spray "Floral aroma".

Another masterpiece of Japanese cosmetics!
Spray perfectly moisturizes the skin thanks to the organic components included in it and gives a pleasant smell.

After applying the Japanese spray for hair and body, the feeling of freshness is preserved for a long time.

Spray can be used not only for skin, but also for hair.

As part of the spray, extracts of 13 natural vegetable substances were used.

The composition of the spray includes collagen, hyaluronic acid, squalane, glycerin, arginine, water of alpine glaciers, honey, chlorella, pink water, extracts of uterine milk, Pueraria, Lomonos, Fukus, Aloe, olive leaves, horsetail, tolody, ivy.

Without parabens, dyes, silicone.

Volume of 100 ml.

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