Ginkgo Biloba (20 Days)

DHCSKU: Ginko Biloba 30

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DHC Ginkgo Biloba (complex for 20 days)

Japanese biloba DHC biodowding improves brain and peripheral blood circulation, increases the consumption of oxygen and glucose the brain, stimulates brain activity, effectively used in memory violation, reducing the speed of thinking, concentration of attention, with increased mental loads of the DHC DHC DHC biloba; Speech functions (including as a result of age-related changes), is an effective means of preventing thrombophlebitis and rehabilitation of the effects of coronary thrombosis, ischemic strokes and other similar diseases.

The composition of the ginkgo biloba extract is 180 mg (flavonoids 24%, Terpene lactones 6%) Niacin 8.8 mg Pantothenic acid - 3 mg Vitamin B6 - 0.9 mg Vitamin B2 - 0.7 mg Vitamin B1 - 0.7 mg

Method of application: 1 tablet 3 times a day.

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