Hisamitsu Feitasu - anesthetic plaster, 10 × 14 cm, 14 pcs

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The analgesic plaster has an anti-inflammatory and painful effect.

Especially effective with pain in the joints, muscle pain, bruises and stretching. It is stretched in all directions, perfectly adjacent to the skin. It keeps well under clothes, does not dug during sleep. It is a tape with anti-inflammatory components, including 5.0% of the effective component of the felinac (Nonteroid anti-inflammatory agent). Vitamin E, which is part of the composition, promotes blood circulation in the affected area. Thanks to menthol in the composition, a feeling of cooling pain zone is achieved. The weak smell does not interfere with the application of the patch during the daytime, as well as applying for the night.

The plaster is effective with pains in the shoulders associated with the rigidity of the occipital muscles, pains in the lower back, facilitates pain in the joints and muscle pain. In one plastering contains: Felbar Ndash 5 g L-Menthol NDASH 3.5 g Topopherol acetate (vitamin E) - 2.3 g

Use no more than 2 times a day.

Detailed instructions with pictures are in the package.

After receiving the soul, it is recommended to impose a new plaster.

Size: 10 × 14 cm.

Packaging 14 pcs.

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