ITOH MACA - Maca Peruvskaya + Evrica, complex for 30 days

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  • D.La M.uhmIn - recommended when weakening erection, premature ejaculation, low quality and amount of sperm, reduce organic sensations, for the treatment of prostatitis and prevention of prostate tumors. Maki fruits are a natural anabolik, with which you can quickly and, most importantly, safely increase muscle mass.
  • For women, libido increases, reduces fatigue after sexual intercourse, prevention of infertility, strengthening the desire, treatment of frigidity and infertility, normalization of the functions of the urogenital system. The effectiveness and safety of Peruvian Macs is proved clinically. "Gold Incs", as otherwise called Maku, really stimulates potency and strengthens the libido.
Therapeutic effect of the use of poppies is due to the presence of fatty acids as part of the amides - substances with a strong aphrodisiatic effect; amidazole alkaloids - organic compounds, normalizing the functions of the urogenital system; Tyocianates - complex compounds with anti-cancer activity. In the aggregate, the above-mentioned substances, as well as minerals (calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium, zinc), vitamins (groups B, C, E), glycosides, tannins, proteins and amino acids have a directional effect on the sexual function. In addition, other positive results are proved by research and experiments during therapy of Peruvian Makas:

  • normalized hormonal balance;
  • Softened symptoms of menopause;
  • cholesterol in blood decreases;
  • Improves the work of digestion;
  • normal rhythm;
  • Immune protection is stimulated;
  • nervous system strengthened;
  • The body is cleared and the weight is reduced.

Content in the daily dose: Tongkat Ali (Evrica) root extract - 180 mg, poppy root extract - 75 mg, zinc - 2.25 mg, Panaksazida - 132 μg, arginine - 1.74 mg, citrulin - 8.7 mg.

Special instructions: Avoid using children. If you have food allergies, please check the composition of the product. With the intolerance to the drug to suspend use.

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