Kose Clear Turn Babyish Vitamin C, Saxifraga Stolonifera Extract (7 PCS)

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Face-based face mask While whitening with vitamin C and SaxiFraga Stolonifera extract.

Packaging 7 pcs.

Babyish series in the Clear Tunes tissue masks line was released at the end of 2014, and now he is experiencing a heyday - you will find them in any major Japanese Dragstore. The basic idea of ​​the brand is the desire for perfect skin moisturizing. For this, in addition to amino acids, hyaluronic acid and ecstacles of chamomile and mint (for the Rumyanta), the latest Lipidure® biopolymer has been added, which significantly improves the water balance of the skin. This component offers a new approach to skin moisturizing and restoring the structure of its horn layer. By forming an invisible veil, it effectively supports the optimal condition of the skin for many hours, both during the day and at night.

Method of application: Apply to face and keep for 10 minutes. After use with water, do not wash off, the remnants of the lotion need to "knock down" with the lungs of the fingers in the skin. You can pre-heat the mask (right in the package, without opening) putting it on 5 minutes right in the package in warm water. In packing 7 disposable masks, after opening the packaging, the mask must be used for 80 days.

Additional Information.

Recently, the market of tissue masks in Japan leaves individual packaging and is represented by a weekly or monthly tissue masks (usually 7 or immediately 30 pieces) in a container filled with lotion. And such a format is popular because first, much more economical, and secondly, by opening such a package and using the mask by the course, the effect of their application is much more noticeable

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