Kose Clear Turn White Hyaluronic Acid (5 PCS)

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Face mask on a fabric basis with hyaluronic acid.
Packaging 5 pcs.
Moisturizing face mask with hyaluronic acid, with the addition of provitamin B5. Smoothes small wrinkles, makes the skin glowing, rejuvenates and pulls up.
Japanese face masks are considered excellent weapons in the struggle for youth and beauty. All of them consist of natural componentsTOV, which provides complete biocompatibility with cells and a dermis, practically without causing allergic reactions. Extracts of valuable medicinal plants are the highest concentration in masks.

The moisturizing component of the mask (hyaluronic acid) has a unique property to maintain the optimal level of moisture in skin cells, increases the elasticity and elasticity of the skin, leaves a feeling of saturated and deep humidification.

Mode of application:

Expand the mask, attach to the face, evenly distribute so that there are no big chances on the fabric. Keep 10 minutes. After applying the mask remaining on the face of the composition to drivein the skinlight movements.

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