Kose Suncut Prodefence - a sunscreen with a waterproof effect, the overwhelming selection of sweat and protected from the smell of sweat, SPF50 + PA ++++, 60 ml

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The world's first sunscreen, including antiperspirant!
It has a waterproof effect. Can be used for face and body.
Designed for those cases when you want to avoid abundant sweating, for example, in the zone decolte.
Reduces sweating and protects sweat from the smell.
Milk matches the skin of the face and is not dried. Contains natural alum and due to the astringent effect retains the skin dry and fresh. It does not dry the skin of the face, completely immeasured on the skin and resistant to water and friction. 50% consists of caring components.
Designed for special occasions when you need to look fresh even with very hot weather.
It has a light citrus fragrance.
Volume: 60 ml.

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