Kracie Hadabisei 3D (4 PCS)

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Face mask from small wrinkles with retinol

The mask is impregnated with enriched with jelly-like serum with hyaluronic acid and components mitigating the horny layer of the skin.

Retinol EX high concentration (Retinol derivative) and uterine milk - components, deeply penetrating into the skin for efficient moistening and giving it elasticity. Make small wrinkles less noticeable! Hyaluronic acid, which is part of, has an extra-moisturizing ability: 6 liters of water holds in 1 gram!

Lemon extract softens the top layer of the epidermis, allowing moisturizing components to penetrate deeper into the skin.

Does not leave lindens.

Does not contain dyes and perfume fragrances.

Packaging 4 pcs.

Method of application: wash your face, apply face lotion. Place the mask, attach to the face, to smooth out well so that there is no air between the mask and the skin of the face. Hold 5-15 minutes. After appliedIMasks wash your face is not needed.

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