La Mente C PLA - Serum from pigmentation and anti-aging - Water soluble vitamin C and a placenta for professional use, 100 ml

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Commercial serum contains two most effective components from pigmentation: vitamin C and placenta.

Serum effectively struggles with pigmentation and signs of aging. Suppresses the production of melanin, prevents the appearance of pigment spots and freckles.

In this serum, a water-soluble vitamin C with high penetration into the skin was used for the first time in the world. The speed of penetration into the skin of a new form of vitamin C is 100 times higher than the rate of penetration of standard vitamin C - it is capable of penetrating through the nasal membrane, while maintaining its activity and stability. Thanks to these properties, the form of vitamin C developed by Japanese scientists is characterized by high efficiency in the fight against wrinkles (by stimulating the synthesis of collagen and neutralization of its matrix metropolotheniasis), hyperpigmentation (by inhibiting melanin synthesis), acne (thanks to anti-inflammatory properties, combating free radicals, the suppression of synthesis ADROGEN, reinforcing the secretion of the sebaceous glands).

Placenta extract: deeply moisturizes the skin and normalizes the water-salt balance; smoothes wrinkles and ensures the effect of lifting; stimulates tissue regeneration; Soothes the skin and relieves inflammation; improves complexion; increases skin tone; protects the skin from negative environmental factors; slows down the aging processes. In addition, the placenta extract prevents dehydration and stimulate cell renewal, thereby providing a persistent anti-aging effect.

Method of use: You can use as separate serum, you can mix with other serums from this line, and you can also mix with the means from your daily care, having received a new original tool.

Composition: Placenta Extract 1, BG, Citric Acid, Sodium Hydroxide, Lactic Acid, Phenoxyethanol, Ethanol, Purified Water.

Volume: 110 ml

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