La Sana- a healing shampoo and a tritment with marine algae, 230 ml + 170 g

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Shamun and Tritment La Sana care about the skin of the head, purify, moisturize and nourish the hair.
If you have such hair problems as: curling and hair coloring causes them damage; Hair shakes and loses their gloss; It is impossible to quickly lay the hair in the morning; In rainy days, the hair will be shattered from moisture; Recently, the hair has become delayed, these funds will be suitable for you.
The main component of algae extract, the molecules of which have a size of 10-20 microns and have a negative ion - charge. They cling to mud molecules with positive ion charge and wash off with them.

The detergent of this shampoo is developed on the basis of amino acids and removes only the dirt, while maintaining and reliably holding the necessary moisturizing components for hair. Laminarium alga is a folding of phenols, iodine, folic acid, amino acids.

Sea dirt particles from the French Province Brittany perfectly absorb dirt particles from hair and their roots and have an excellent deterioration. Sea dirt from the French province Brittany is known in the world as containing the largest amount of minerals and amino acids. It has excellent protective and moisturizing effect.

Nather extract, or yellow color - the genus of many years of plants of the Astrov family. Growing on the coast, this plant has absorbed the power and health of the sea for your hair and skin. He eliminates dandruff and strengthens hair.

Chinese Symmonistration is a plant, from the fruits of which the oil of jojoba is extracted. The composition of the natural gift of jojoba oil is in vitamins, minerals and amino acids. In particular, the healing vitamin E restores tissue, gives a rejuvenating antioxidant and canning effect, acts as a natural antistatic.
Tritment protects hair from drying and static electricity, moisturizes hair from the inside.
The components of the means are chosen so that your hair is brilliant, healthy and beautiful.

Used for any hair types.

Shampoo: 230 ml.

Tritment: 170

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