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Title: V - for the volume and power of the hair
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Anti-aging complex for the volume and power of Lebel Viege Hair Menu

Saloon intensive care for weak, lost volume, thinning or damaged hair. Designed for women after 30 years, who want to have a simple and efficient way to restore painted hair. And also for those who want to give the volume to their natural hair lost due to age-related changes.

The complex includes:

Serum Viege Hair Suppli 1 with a nozzle-spray, 250 ml

Cream Viege Hair Suppli 2, 250 ml

Viege Hair Suppli 3S cream for soft hair or Viege Hair Suppli 3V cream for the volume and elasticity of hair (to choose from), 250 ml

Mask for home care Once a week Viege Hair Suppli Plus, 40 ml.

The complex provides hair with natural elasticity and flexibility to the tips, which makes it easy to lay the hair. Makes her hair stronger, fastens the layers of the cuticle, restores and moisturizes them. After applying the complex, hair becomes healthy, strong, smooth, volumetric and shiny.

Viege Hair Suppli 1: Bashes the layers of the cuticle among themselves, and the cuticle with the cortex, gives the hair to the power, restores. Active ingredients - Atelocolelagen, hydrolyzed elastin, hydrolyzed keratin, cystine, platinum, seed oil, cinema oil.

Viege Hair Suppli 2: Bashes the layers of the cuticle among themselves, and the cuticle with the Cortex, gives the hair to the power, restores. The active ingredients are a modern air-conditioned polymer from amylomer H-Ni potato starch, hydrolyzed keratin, seed oil, cinema oil.

VIEGE HAIR SUPPLI 3S (Soft) softens the hair, Viege Hair Suppli 3V (Volume) improves elasticity and gives volume. The active ingredient Erucalactone provides strength and restoration of the hair, pistachio oil makes hair with volumetric and elastic. Additionally, the extract of the asparagus stalks in Viege Hair Suppli 3S softens and moisturizes the hair, and the extract of the root roots in Viege Hair Suppli 3V restores the flexibility of the hair, gives volume and moisturizes.

Viege Hair Suppli Plus is a homemade mask that protects flexibility and elasticity of hair created by the complex.

The complex is recommended to apply once or two per month as intensive care. The complex is designed for 10-15 applications at an average length (up to the blades) and medium thick hair.

Mode of application:

After washing off the shampoo, slightly squeeze the hair, removing excess water.

Apply the first three means of the complex one after one. Hold and wash off with warm water.

Apply a mask Viege Hair Suppli Plus, starting with the tips of the hair and distributing along the entire length.

Wash off warm water and lay / dry hair.

Lebel Viege's line is designed for women after 30 years, when the power and thickness of the hair gradually begins to decline. It may appear thinning and loss of hair volume, as well as an excess of skin sebum and the appearance of the smell of the scalp. The series is based on extracts of vegetables and plants with leaving and nutritional properties. They prevent thinning hair, loss of volume and gloss, irregularities and dry hair. Help create beautiful laying.

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