Lion Smile 40EX.

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Refreshing droplets Lion Smile 40ex.

Contain 8 important nutrients. Refresh and break away from sleep, sculpture will remove, relieve eye fatigue, protect against infection, dirt, ultraviolet.

Freshness index 5.

It is recommended to apply when:

- treatment of inflammation of various infections caused by the impact

- redness of the eyes (conjunctival hyperemia),

- eyelid inflammation (blufarite),

- Item and discomfort in the eyes,

- Nonconslances (fusion) of vision with loads (long-term sake of a computer, TV, book, when driving driving, for office staff, etc.)

- for the prevention of eye diseases and aging eyes,

- discomfort when wearing hard contact lenses,

- irritation from external factors, sea water, sweat, solar and ultraviolet rays, during snow blindness.

Recommended application: in the amount of 1-3 kaps in each eye, 3-6 times a day.

Capacity of the bottle: 15 ml.

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