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Drops for Lion Smile Contact Pure.

Eye drops for LION SMILE CONTACT PURE contact lenses with a zero freshness index for tender eyes when wearing contact lenses. Do not contain mentholes and other extracts of essential oils. Eye drops Lion Smile Contact Pure will protect their eyes from dry eye syndrome, will remove fatigue and normalize the nutrition of the cells with oxygen and nutrients. Eye drops Lion Smile Contact Pure contain useful active ingredients, among which the necessary amino acids to maintain the eye in a healthy state. Eye drop data is great for owners of soft and hard contact lenses, which are foreign bodies in their eyes and sooner or later cause discomfort when wearing, one of which is a dry eye syndrome.

The sodium chloride and chondroitine sodium sulfate are present in the drops - their integrated impact will create protective cover, preventing dryness, the eye surface will be constantly moistened. Taurine promotes eye power, and L-asparagic acid - aspartate will supply eye cloth with oxygen.

Composition: Taurine 1.0 g - has a retinoprotective, anti-colture, as well as a metabolic effect, chondroitin sodium sulfate 0.25 g - protects the cornea, moisturizing and preventing eye dryness, L-asparagic acid 0.5 g - improves tissue breathing, sodium chloride 0.3 g - in an anti-transaction.

The main features of Lion Smile Contact Pure is: gentle supply of amino acids sensitive eyes; long-term moistening of the eyes due to the presence of chondroitin and sodium chloride; Improving metabolism and oxygen enriching eye cells.

Eye drops Lion Smile Contact Pure It is recommended to use:

unpleasant sensations while wearing contact lenses of any kind;

when dry eyes;

When visual influence due to excessive accumulated mucus in the eyes.

Fresh index - 0.

Method of application: 1 - 3 drops, from 3 to 6 times a day.

Volume of 12 ml.

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