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Drops to eliminate eye redness.

Due to the constant work with a computer and smartphones, a shortage of sleep, the impact of chemical and physical factors, such as smoke, dust, ultraviolet radiation, our eyes are experiencing a strong load, eye proteins are blushing.

According to Lion's research, a person looks like 5 years older than 5 years old. To combat inflamed eyes, Lion in September 2016 has released new drops for SMileWhiteye's eyes.

SmileWhiteye helps to create the effect of white proteins, as a result of which the eyes become attractive and brighter.

Active Components:

Potassium L-Aspartate 1G - Improves eye tissue breathing

Tetrahydrosoline hydrochloride 0.05G - reduces inflammation of the junction shell of the eye

Chloropheniramine vele 0.03g - suppresses the action of histamine, reduces eye irritation

Vitamin B5 (Pantotenol) 0.1g- enhances eye metabolism

Dikalia Glycyrrizinat 0.25G - eliminates eye inflammation

The concentration of active ingredients is higher than in other drops, so smilewhiteye drops are more efficiently removed red.

Recommendations for use: 1-3 drops in each eye. 3-6 times a day

Capacity of the bottle: 15 ml.

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