Lotion High Moist.

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Moisturizing lotion based on Sak Kikumasamune extract.

Kikumasamune is a famous brand that produces very popular in Japan Sake. Sake extract is one of the most effective components of cosmetics. It was used to wip the face even in those times when there were no lotions. And also in those who have engaged in the production of Sake, until the oldest skin on her hands was like young. After all, amino acids and ceramides, which are part of the Sake, are perfectly moisturized and nourished the skin. Therefore, the manufacturers of Sake Kikumasamune and decided to do the production of cosmetics in parallel. And they did not lose, since Lotion MiG flew into the top of the best-selling funds. Large lotion and relatively inexpensive price, as well as a great effect made it one of the most popular lotions. Lotion can be used not only for the face, but also for the body! Very Japanese and romantic packaging decoration will delight fans of Japanese cosmetics.

The lotion also includes glycerol, arginine, arbutin, ceramic, placenta extract, amino acids and minerals.

Volume of 500 ml.

Made in Japan.

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