Meiji, Savas Weight Down-protein complex for muscle buildup, with cocoa flavor, 50 servings.

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Whey protein for muscle buildup.

This Japanese product Whey Protein 100 was developed by the Japanese company MEIJI to restore forces and energy.

Description: The serum protein has no specific taste, is well soluble in any liquid. It is used to restore and give strength after long-term loads, the supply of natural protein replenishes, recommended for long-term use.

The protein contained in the product is 100% easily absorbed serum protein.

Components: cocoa powder, dextrin, vegetable oil, salt, emulsifier (including soy), vitamin C, flavoring, thickener (Pullulalan), sweetener (sukraloosis, acesulfam k), niacin, v.b2, v.b1, v.b6 , Pantothenic acid Ca, folic acid, v.b12.

With cocoa flavor.

A method of use: 3 spoons of pork (21 grams) Divide in 200-300 ml of water or milk.

Packaging 1 kg.

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